Book Review: Baby Girl by Lenora Adams

1995262.jpgTitle: Baby Girl

Author: Lenora Adams

Genre: Young Adult

Rating: clipartbest-com-3IENXO-clipart.png

Description: All I can say is that I never thought it would come to this. I never thought I would run away. For some reason I thought you, of all people, would see and know.

Sheree has always been a tough girl, able to take care of herself. Then she finds herself in a situation where she can’t. She needs help. She needs answers. But she can’t get either from the people she she turns to — her parents, her friends, and especially, her boyfriend, who calls her Baby Girl and treats her like she’s disposable.

So who can Sheree turn to? Maybe the answer lies deep within herself, and it’s truly time for her to grow up.

In a voice that rings strong ant true, debut novelist Lenora Adams tells a story that is rich, complex, and achingly real.

My Review:




I got a lot of feelings from this book, mostly pity and anger. I felt pity for Sheree and the way that she was brought up, which had a huge impact on her. I also felt anger for her  and the decisions that she made. Most of my anger was towards her parents, though mostly her mother.

Through this book, Adams was able to show that our upbringing has a strong impact on who we become. Readers able to watch as Sheree goes through issues with her parents, friends and her boyfriend—-uughhh the “boyfriend”.giphy-1.gif

“Sometimes I wondered if I was his game. Was he pretending with me too? He never said he loved me. I guess I didn’t really expect him to say that anyway. That was not exactly his style.”

You’ll hate him too.



This book was written in letter format explaining the events leading up to Sheree’s reasoning behind the letters. Using this format was very interesting. It allowed me to look back with Sheree. I got a good view into the life that she lived. This, I liked. I liked that I was able to visualize. Adams did a good job with this in her writing. She also did a very good job with making her work real. What Sheree went on in this book might be something that someone else has gone through or is currently going through. This book contains some good lessons, and at some points it may seem to be a bit much but overall, it was a good book.


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