The Hate U Give Event 3/16/17


Hey book lovers!

So I am super excited to tell you guys that I was able to go to The Hate U Give event atIMG_1870.JPG Books of Wonder. The event was absolutely amazing and there were so many people in attendance. Angie Thomas, author of THUG, was there in conversation with Adam Silvera. Angie and Adam in conversation was the absolute best thing ever. Angie spoke a lot her book and the inspirations of it. Following this, there was a Beyonce portion. Angie had to recite the words from a few songs that Adam chose. It was awesome.

While at the event, I met some really nice people. I met a really nice girl names Lilly. She IMG_1864.JPGwas super sweet. I also got to meet two of my favorite booktubers, Emmma Books and Michael Book Lion! Both of them were really nice and I was also able to take pictures with them. I was able to speak to Emma for a while and she was so sweet. I’m glad I was able to meet her.

Overall, this event was amazing. I’m glad I went. It was my third book signing and honestly, the best one that I’ve been to.


My review for The Hate U Give will be posted soon. Stay Tuned!




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